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The Mission of The United Methodist Podcast- The Inaugural Episode

This is the Inaugural Episode of The United Methodist Podcast with Rev. Dr. Brad Miller.

The mission of The United Methodist Podcast is to strengthen the connection in the United Methodist Church through conversation and commentary with the people, pastors and ministries making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

The United Methodist Podcast is published weekly by Rev. Dr. Brad Miller, an elder with over 30 years experience in ministry and broadcasting. The United Methodist Podcast is in no way an official publication of The United Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Podcast exists to serve as a voice for conversation and commentary that is helpful to people who love the United Methodist Church and believe that “The World is Our Parish.” Comments and suggestions are welcome.

You can become a part of The United Methodist Podcast Connection by subscribing to the newsletter at the link and liking When you become a part of the The United Methodist Podcast Connection you will network with other likeminded United Methodists, get updates on topics and guests on the podcast and receive a free gift which can be used a sermon starter.

You can help connect The United Methodist Podcast to others by going to iTunes and subscribing, leaving a five-star rating and providing a line or two review. This helps folk find The United Methodist Podcast when they search the web. Please also share this site and with your network.

I’m open to telling great stories of innovative leaders and ministries in the UMC on The United Methodist Podcast – please pass along your suggestions.

I’m looking forward to connecting in conversation with you in the upcoming episodes of The United Methodist Podcast.

Welcome to The United Methodist Podcast.

Do All The Good You Can,

Rev. Dr. Brad Miller
April 6, 2016

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