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EP.003: Bishop Michael J. Coyner, Indiana Area UMC – “Nimbleness and “Partnerships”


In Episode 003 of “The United Methodist Podcast”  Dr. Brad Miller is joined by Indiana Area Bishop Michael J. Coyner.  Bishop Coyner has served in the episcopacy for 20 years and is retiring in 2016. In his time as Bishop he has served the United Methodist Church in just about every capacity and oversaw the challenge of bringing two distinct annual conferences (North Indiana and South Indiana) together to form one new annual conference – the Indiana Annual Conference.  Bishop Mike” and Brad had a great conversation about the joys and challenges in serving as a bishop and what he sees as signs of hope in the United Methodist Church. Bishop Mike is a genuine and authentic leader of the church who has been able to navigate some very sensitive issues in Indiana as well as around the world of United Methodism.  The conversation was far ranging touching on the state of the church as he sees it right now – what he calls a “Big Tent Church” that is being stretched by challenging issues. Bishop Mike gives his observations about the global church in places like Eastern Europe and Africa as well as the state of the church in North America. He shared the advice he might give to a brand-new bishop and to younger clergy who are just starting out. You will find Bishop Mike to be very hopeful about the future of the church, particularly because of the influx of younger clergy and the influence of devoted laypersons. Bishop Mike also talks about two issues that he considers key for the future of The United Methodist Church “nimbleness” and “partnerships.”

In the “Methodist Moment” segment of The Untied Methodist Podcast Dr. Andy Kinsey explores John Wesley’s approach to “The Invitation to Christian Discipleship.”  You will find Episode 003 of The United Methodist Podcast helpful to your ministry context.

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