Steven Adair

EP.004: Steven Adair- Social Media Strategist with United Methodist Communications

Welcome to The United Methodist Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller where it is our mission to strengthen the connection in the United Methodist Church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. In Episode #004 of The United Methodist podcast Brad talks with Steven Adair who is a social media expert with our United Methodist denomination. What a need we have in our church right now to utilize the tool of social media. Steven is the social media marketing strategist with United Methodist communications in Nashville Tennessee which means he has responsibility in our denomination he has responsibilities for the creation and content and maintaining some of our main social media outlets in our church.  Steven has a very interesting story about how, even before the United Methodist Church had a presence on Facebook, Steven as a college student had built a Facebook fan page of 25,000 fans all about United Methodist Church. That shows you bit of his passion for the church and for the tool of using social media. You’ll learn a lot about him today and about the importance of social media as a resource for our churches and how churches can develop strategies to be the most effective in utilizing Facebook, twitter, instagram and other forms of social media. He discusses the role of advertising in social media and how churches can improve their social media presence in order to give their communities a glimpse into their church and be a means by which their church can be introduced into their community. Steven also shares about how in many ways social media has been powerfully impacting the lives of people in worship, counseling even the prevention of suicide. Episode #004 of The United Methodist Podcast is sponsored by the book “Meet The Good People” by Rev. Dr. Roger Ross and supports Mission Guatemala directed by Rev. Tom Heaton.



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