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Rev. Dr. Brad Miller
Rev. Dr. Brad Miller

April 6, 2016

The Mission of The United Methodist Podcast-The Inaugural Episode

w/ Rev. Dr. Brad Miller

Hello, and all welcome to the United Methodist podcast.  This is the inaugural episode of the united Methodist podcast – episode 001, where we take a few minutes to describe what this is all about.

I am so glad that that we found one another. I have to imagine that top of mind for you what is this podcast all about? Why does it exist and what difference does it make in your life?

Let me say just right up front that the purpose and mission of the Hoosier United Methodist podcast is grounded in the profound belief that strengthening the connection in the United Methodist church is absolutely essential to accomplishing the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

First and foremost the United Methodist Podcast gives voice to those whose passion and call is to strengthen the connection in the United Methodist Church through art of conversation and commentary.

The United Methodist Podcast will tell the stories of thought leaders and difference makers among the laity, clergy, local churches, annual conferences and missions of the United Methodist Church around the world.  As well the United Methodist Podcast will deal forthrightly with the issues, challenges, dilemmas and doctrinal conversations which are before the United Methodist church

The United Methodist Podcast will provide resources and tools to help pastors, leaders and teachers of local churches connect one to another and to their ministry context.

In short, if you love the United Methodist Church, care about strengthening the connection and truly believe that the world is our parish then this is the podcast for you.

Each week you and I are going to talk about matters that matter in the church and regularly engage in meaningful conversation with leaders in the church who are making a difference and cares about strengthening the connection.

You will hear from people who like you and I are on the journey of ministry and service, who bring insight and inspiration about the church, preaching, doctrine, missions, leadership and Christian living.  Each week you will find “A Gem” that will help you in your journey to strengthen the connection in the church.

I know that you will come to understand that logging onto the United Methodist Podcast for 30 minutes or so each week, will add value to your life and ministry.

I say this with complete confidence because I have been privileged to have connected with a number of impressive people whom you will hear from on the United Methodist Podcast.  These people have touched my life with inspirational stories, deeply thought out ideas and strategies that will help you in your ministry context.  Our guests include leading pastors, authors, teachers, Bishops, devoted lay persons and denominational leaders.

Details about all of our guest on the The United Methodist Podcast will be documented on the show notes you can find at our website www.unitedmethodistpodcast.com.

Now, let me bring you up to speed on who I am and what I’m about. My name is Rev. Dr. Brad Miller – please call me Brad.

I and have served as an ordained elder in the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church for over 30 years. I am a local church pastor serving appointments of many sizes, styles and ministry contexts (including a new church plant).  I graduate from college and seminary from United Methodist schools and hold a doctor of ministry where my dissertation focused on the health and vitality of the United Methodist Church.   

I got involved in broadcast radio as a teenager and have kept my hand in broadcasting throughout my ministry career and came to know the power of the medium of radio.

When podcasting became readily available and accessible I knew this would be a the perfect means to address in issue that I am passionate about – strengthening the connection of United Methodist church.

My goal in creating the Hoosier United Methodist podcast is simply to raise a voice focused on strengthening the connection in the United Methodist churches which I consider vital to achieving the mission of make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  The United Methodist Podcast is in no way an official production of the United Methodist Church.  It is a product of my personal passion.

Now, That’s enough about me, let’s talk about you and what the United Methodist Podcast can do for you.

What it is…and what it isn’t.

This podcast is not a sermon of the week or replay of a church worship service.

It is not an in depth line by line Bible study or weekly theological treatise, nor will it be an ideological rant on any issue.

It not that there’s anything wrong with any of these approaches it’s simply not the focus or format of this podcast.

When you log onto the United Methodist Podcast you are joining a conversation over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table or church fellowship hall about practical ways we can strengthen connection in the church.

In the context of commentary and conversation, what you will hear in the United Methodist podcast are biblical, theological, church doctrine, leadership and social issues addressed by our guest and by myself through the give and take of talking to one another.

This would be a a good time to share the  key biblical verse that The Hoosier United Methodist podcast is founded upon.

It is: Ecclesiastes 4:12

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

We are better together. It’s all about strengthening the connection so we are not quickly broken.

On the United Methodist podcast you can assume that I’m not going to waste your time. 

We will be succinct in providing you practical takeaway points that help strengthen connection in your ministry context. We will be sharing practical resources that you can use in your ministry:  authors, churches, books, tapes, websites, downloads, conferences and events and even electronic gadgets.  They will all be fair game on the United Methodist Podcast.

The intent of this podcast is be a valuable place to invest your precious daily time of driving, exercising, listening, relaxing, gardening, doing whatever it is you like to do with an earbud in your ear. To make this a time of learning, inspiration and enlightenment related directly to strengthening your connection to the United Methodist Church.

So if the United Methodist podcasts seems like a right fit for you then please spend 30 minutes or so with me, Brad Miller, each week and join in the conversation.  Join our growing community by subscribing to this podcast sharing the good news with others at facebook.com/unitedmethodistpodcast as well as unitedmethodistpodcast.com. 

So please search the key word “united methodist podcast” on iTunes, subscribe and leave a five star rating and a one or two sentence review if you appreciate what were doing here.

When you leave a rating and review on iTunes this will increase the likelihood of the podcast being noticed by other folks like you who appreciate this content.

You can subscribe, rate and review by going to UnitedMethodistpodcast.com/iTunes. Another way to get connected is by liking our Facebook page at UnitedMethodistPodcast.com/Facebook. In addition you can also post about the HUMP on twitter by going to HoosierunitedMethodist.com/twitter.   

By now you may have figured out that the hub of all this connectivity is our home page on the web. unitedMethodistpodcast.com.

When you go to the home page we invite you to opt-in to our newsletter list with your name and email. The United Methodist Podcast newsletter will send you updates about upcoming guests on the podcast. 

It is on the homepage where you can visit the show notes page created especially for each podcast and you can find links and resources related to the content of that podcast. The audio file of all the United Methodist podcast episodes are archived on the homepage.

The lifeblood of the United Methodist Podcast is your feedback and suggestions.  Your comments are always appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you, including

Well, I think that’ll will just about do it for today’s inaugural Hoosier United Methodist Podcast – Episode 001.  Thank you so much for doing me the honor of lending me your ear for a few minutes today. It has been my privilege.

Let me leave you today with this quote from John Wesley:

do all the good you can,

by all the means you can,

in all the ways you can,

in all the places you can,

at all the times you can,

to all the people you can,

as long as ever you can.

Until next time this is Rev. Dr. Brad Miller  now “go make disciples and transform the world.”

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